[Tutorial] How to Sell Plots as a Staff Member In BoxCity

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[Tutorial] How to Sell Plots as a Staff Member In BoxCity

Post  cublikefoot on Mon Jun 11, 2012 3:05 pm

When a player wants to buy a plot, make sure you tell them the cost(s) of the plot(s). For BoxCity, it's $5000 per plot (12x12).
Make sure they pay you before you do anything. /money pay <user> <amount>

Locate the plot(s) they would like to buy:

Spawn the WorldEdit wand using //wand

Select 2 opposite corners of the plot, by left clicking one and right clicking the other.

Now expand the current worldedit selection "vert", meaning from bedrock to sky. //expand vert

Now, the complex command. We now need to define the selected area as a WorldGuard region.
/region define <region name> <region owner>
We put it in a custom template. Like so: /region define cublikefoot_1 cublikefoot
The region name is the player's username followed by an underscore ( _ ) and a number. This number is the count of the amount of regions that said person owns. So If this was the third plot I was buying, the region name would be cublikefoot_3. Then for the "owner" of the region, put the username of the player purchasing the plot.

It will now say that the region has been created, unless the name you choose conflicts with an pre-existing region, in that case, ass 1 to the number in the region name.

Now to set the parent of the region. /region setparent <child region> <parent region>
This makes it so the user can build on their plot INSIDE another protected region, this region being "city", which is BoxCity.
Example: /region setparent cublikefoot_2 city
The child region is the plot's name and the parent is the city's region name (BoxCity is "city", without the quotes...)

It will then say that the parent-child relationship has been set.

Then ask the user if they would like a complementary custom floor

Select the 2 corners of the plot and set the floor as the material they requested (//set <material name>)
Remember, only these materials may be selected.
Wood (of any color), stone, cobble, wool (of any color), grass, dirt, stone slabs, sandstone, sand, glass, and stone bricks.

That is how to properly sell a plot to a user.

Job well done.
Link to imgur album of the photos used in this tutorial: https://imgur.com/a/o67ka

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