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Post  cublikefoot on Fri Jun 08, 2012 7:29 pm

== Bakoncraft Ranks & Info ==

==== Peasant ====
0 Hours of playtime.
$0 in donations

!<message> - send a global message, although not needed, as all of your messages are global (Where it says message, put your message)
@player message - Send a private message to another player (Where it says message, put your message. Where it says player, put your target player)
/me - Annotate a message. Example: /me is cool = * cublikefoot is cool

Buy - Can buy from ChestShops
Sell - Can sell from ChestShops

/list - Who is online at the moment
/motd - Display the "Message of the Day"
/intro - Replay the server intro song, if any
/kit donor - Access to the Peasant Kit
/spawn - Teleport to the spawn
/afk - Set your status as "AFK" (Away From Keyboard)
/ping - Check for server or network lag

/money help - Get help on iConomy
/money - Check how much money you have

/cprivate - Lock your containers/doors
/cpublic - Make your containers/door public
/cmodify - Add/remove users from using your containers/doors
/cpassword - Add a password lock to yoru containers/doors
/cunlock - Attempt to unlock a password-protected container/door

Mining - Access to Mining skill and abilities
Excavation - Access to Excavation skill and abilities
Woodcutting - Access to Woodcutting skill and abilities

/mvs - Teleport to the world's spawn
World - Access to the normal world

/warp <warp name> - Warp to a designated warp
Warp Sign Use - Use a MyWarp sign

Playtime Tracker:
/playtime sum - Check your total playtime

==== Rookie ====
6 Hours of playtime
$3 in donations

/home - Teleport to where you did /sethome
/sethome - Set your home location

/money pay - Pay a user a set amount of money

Fisherman - Access to the Fisherman Job
Hunter - Access to the Hunter job

Taming - Access to Taming skill and abilities
Fishing - Access to Fishing skill and abilities

City - Access to the "City" world
/mvl - List the worlds you have access to
/mvh - View Multiverse help

/plotme home - Take you to your plot in the City world, use /plotme home:# with the number of your plot if you have multiple.
/plotme info - Displays info on the plot.
/plotme comment - Leave a comment on someone's plot
/plotme comments - Shows the plot comments
/plotme add - Allow a player onto your plot
/plotme remove - Remove a player from accessing your plot
/plotme list - Lists your plots

/slay - Kill yourself, you suicidal kid

==== Novice ====
1 day of playtime
$10 in donations

/time - Check the current server time
/biome - Check your current biome
/say - Send a non-formatted message
/pos - Get your current location
/compass - Get your current cardinal direction

Farmer - Access to the Farmer job

Repair - Access to Repair skill and abilities
Unarmed - Access to Unarmed skill and abilities
Archery - Access to Archery skill and abilities
Herbalism - Access to Herbalism skill and abilites

/mvcoord - Display your current coordinates in a Multiverse world

==== Apprentice ====
2 days of playtime
$20 in donations

Colors in Chat - You can use color codes in chat to make your messages colored. Color codes list: mc_colorcodes

Woodcutter - Access to the Woodcutter job
Builder - Access to the Builder job

Swords - Access to Swords skill and abilities
Axes - Access to Axes skill and abilities
Acrobatics - Access to Acrobatics skill and abilities

Nether - Access to the Nether

==== Member ====
3 days of playtime
$30 in donations

/return - Return to your previously recorded location
/clear - Clear your entire inventory

Create - Can create ChestShops

Miner - Access to the Miner job
Digger - Access to the Digger job

User - Can join and participate in PVP Arenas!

/unstuck - Escape from being stuck inside a block
/! - Escape from being stuck inside a block

==== Advanced ====
4 days of playtime
$40 in donations

/midi - Play a MIDI file, if any

BlastMining - Access to Blast Mining skill and abilities

/mvwho - Display who is in which world(s)

==== Super ====
5 Days of playtime
$50 in donations

Enchanter - Access to the Enchanter job

Flight - Can use any flymod
Speed - Can "Speed Hack"

==== Adept====
6 Days of playtime
$60 in donations

/mvinfo - View Multiverse world info
Creative World - Access to the Creative World

==== Master ====
7 days of playtime
$70 in donations

/call - Request a teleport to someone
Secret Command - See if you can figure it out Smile

==== Expert ====
8 days of playtime
$80 in donations

/whois - Get information about a player

==== Veteran ====
9 Days of playtime
$90 in donations

/money <player> - Check another player's balance

Playtime Tracker:
/playtime sum <player> - Check another player's playtime

==== Legend ====
10 days of playtime
$100 in donations

Prison World - Access to the Prison World

==== Donor ====
$10 in donations FROM legend rank

/kit donor - Access to the Donor Kit

Donor Miner - Access to the Donor Miner job

Arcane Bypass - Will not lose enchantments when repairing tools with mcMMO repair

Donor World - Access to the Donor World

/stack - Stack items that should not be stacked

==== Donor+ ====
$20 in donations FROM legend rank

Nofee - You don't have to pay to create a shop

/kit donor+ - Access to the Donor+ Kit

Donor Hunter - Access to the Donor Hunter job

/warp point - Point your compass to a designated warp

/ascend - Go up a floor
/descend - Go down a floor
/ceil - Teleport to the ceiling of your location

/locate - Locate another player using a compass

==== Donor++ ====
$30 in donations FROM legend rank

/kit donor++ - Access to the Donor++ Kit
/playertime - Change your client-side time
/heal - Heal yourself

Donor Fisherman - Access to the Donor Fisherman job

/jumpto - Teleport to where you are looking at

==== Donor+++ ====
$40 in donations FROM legend rank

/kit donor+++ - Access to the Donor+++ Kit
/god - Activate god-mode

Donor Farmer - Access to the Donor Farmer job

/warp create - Create a public warp
/warp pcreate - Create a private warp
/warp delete - Delete one of your warps
/warp welcome - Change the welcome message to one of your warps
/warp list - List all the warps you have access to
/warp search - Search for a warp with the specified key-word(s)
/warp invite - Invite a player(s) to your private warp
/warp uninvite - Uninvite a player to your private warp
/warp public - Make a warp of your's public
/warp private - Make a warp of your's private
Warp Sign Create - Create MyWarp signs

/thru - Passthrough walls

==== Jr. Mod ====

#<message> - Send an "alert" message (Where it says message, put your message)

/time - Change the current time
Biome Other - Can check what biome another player is in
/tp - Can teleport to and from players
Home Other - Can teleport to another player's sethome location
/broadcast - Send a server-wide broadcast
/mute - Prevent another player from using the chat
/gamemode <player> - Check a player's gamemode
/debug info - Check server information
/kick - Kick a player from the game
/isbanned - Check to see if a player is banned
/baninfo - Fetch information about a ban

/lb lookup - Allows defining custom tool queries
/lb rollback - Rollback a player's edits
/lb tp - Teleport to a set of LogBlock parameters
/lb me - Check your own LogBlock stats
/lb toolblock - Spawn the LogBlock tool

/a - Toggle AdminChat

/mvtp - Teleport to a world directly

ChatLog - Receives in-game NoCheat notifications
/plugins - Check the server plugins

/plotme claim <username> - Claim a plot for a user
/plotme biome - Change the biome of a plot
/plotme tp - Teleport to a designated plot
/plotme id - Get a plot's ID and coordinates
/plotme setowner <player> - Sets the plot owner

/up - Go upwards a set distance
//snow - Simulate snow in your area
//thaw - Thaw the area you are in
//ex - Extinguish a nearby fire
/butcher - Kill all or nearby mobs

/stopfire - Stop all fire spread (Emergency Command)
/allowfire - Allow all fire spread
/halt-activity - Halt intensive server activity (Emergency Command)
/halt-activity -c - Allow all intensive server activity
Lava & Fire - Can use fire and lava
TNT - Can use TNT

==== Mod ====

Chat Spy - Can see all private messages

Mod - Lets you look into other shop chests

/kit staff - Access to the "Staff" kit
/weather - Control the weather
/clear <player> - Clear another player's inventory
/slap - Slap a player. This is used as a warning tool
/freeze - Stop a player from moving, talking, and building
Heal Other - Heal another player
Kick Exempt - You cannot be kicked unless the boss does it
Ban Exempt - You cannot be banned unless the boss does it
/ban - Ban a player from the server
/unban - Remove a ban from the designated player

LWC Mod - Allows to open any chest, but not remove them

/mvs <player> - Teleport another player to a world's spawn

Warp Admin - Is an admin over MyWarp, ignores warp creation restrictions
/warp player <player> <warp> - warp a player to a warp

/vanish - Become invisible to other users

/chunkinfo - Get information about the chunk that you are inside
/listchunks - List the chunks that your current selection includes
//chunk - Set your current WorldEdit selection to the chunk you are on
//pos1 - Set WorldEdit position 1
//pos2 - Set WorldEdit position 2
//wand - Spawn the WorldEdit edit wand
//hpos1 - Set WorldEdit position 1 to the block you are looking at
//hpos2 - Set WorldEdit position 2 to the block you are looking at
/toggleeditwand - Toggle functionality of the WorldEdit edit wand
//contract - Conract the surrent WorldEdit selection
//outset - Outset the current WorldEdit selection
//distr - Get the distribution of blocks in the current WorldEdit selection
//count - Counts the number of a certain type of block in a WorldEdit selection
//size - Get information about the size of the current WorldEdit selection
//expand - Expand the current WorldEdit selection
//shift - Shift the current WorldEdit selection
//inset - Inset the current WorldEdit selection
// - Toggle super pickaxe
/sp single - Enable the "single" super pickaxe mode
//green - Turn dirt into grass in your area

/region define - Protect the current WorldEdit selection
/region redefine - Re-define an already protected region with your new selection
/region claim - Claim a region (not used, useful on faction-like servers)
/region select - Select a region
/region info - Get info regarding a region
/region addowner - Add an owner to a region, allowing them to edit it
/region removeowner - Remove an owner to a region
/region addmember - Add a member to a region
/region removemember - Remove a member from a region
/region list - List all the protected regions in your current world
/region flag - Set a flag for a selected region
/region setpriority - Set the priority for a region (not used)
/region setparent - Set the parent of a region
/region teleport - Teleport to the designated region
/region remove - Delete a selected region
/worldguard version - Check the WorldGuard version
/worldguard reload - Reload WorldGuard
/worldguard report - Report an error in WorldGuard (not used)

==== Jr. Admin ====

/i - Spawn yourself a designated item
/spawnmob - Spawn a designated mob
/tp x,y,z - Can teleport to coordinates
Teleport Home Other - Teleport other player's to a designated player's home
/rocket - Launch a player into the air
/barrage - Barrage a player with arrows
/firebarrage - Barrage a player with fireballs
/shock - Zap a player with lightning

/lb clearlog - Clear your log of events (unused)

Zombe Cheat Mod - Can use the cheat section of Zombe's Mod Pack

De-Obfuscate - Does not see the effects of Orebfuscator

/sp area - Enable the "area" super pickaxe mode
/sp recur - Enable the "recursive" super pickaxe mode

/slay <player> - Kill another player using a command

==== Admin ====

/p save - Used to save an edit to a permission node using in-game commands. If not used after doing so, edits will be overwritten on server reload
/p reload - Reload bPermissions
/p cleanup - This cleans out all the "default/Peasant" players that don't play on the server. This command is not dangerous, just cleans the users.yml file
/p backup - This backs up the entire permissions system. This can be handy for emergency situations

Playertime Check - Check to see what a user's client-side time is
Sethome Other - Set a player's home
/gamemode - Change your gamemode
/debug clock - Run a diagnostic on the server to check for lag
/cmdbook reload - Reload CommandBook

Admin - Ability to use Jobs Admin commands

LWC Admin - Gives the player ABSOLUTE power to LWC.

/mvpurge - Removes the specified entities from the specified worlds. Basically /butcher
/mvenv - Displays the valid environments

NoCheatPlus Commands - Access to the NCP commands
/nocheatplus reload - Reload NoCheatPlus

All - Access to all PVPArena commands.

Vanish Op - Access to the VanishNoPacket Op Commands

/delchunks - Delete the chunks that your current selection includes. THIS IS DANGEROUS, I advise not using this command. Only use if you know what you're doing
/clearclipboard - Clear your clipboard
//schematic load - Load a schematic to your clipboard
//schematic list - List all available schematics
//schematic save - Save your current clipboard to a schematic file for later use
//schematic formats - List all available schematic formats. You should use the MCEdit format
//copy - Copy your current selection to your clipboard
//rotate - Rotate the contents of your clipboard
//flip - Flip the contents of your clipboard
//cut - Cut the contents of your current selection and move them to your clipboard
//paste - Paste the contents of your clipboard into the world
/we reload - Reload WorldEdit
//hcyl - Generate a hollow cylinder
//cyl - Generate a cylinder
//hsphere - Generate a hollow sphere
//sphere - Generate a sphere
/forestgen - Generate a forest
/pumpkins - Generate a pumpkin patch
//pyramid - Generate a pyramid
//hpyramid - Generate a hollow pyramid
//generate - Generate a shape according to a formula
//redo - Redo the last action (from history)
//undo - Undo the last action
//regen - Regenerate the contents of the current selection to what it was before it was ever edited. THIS IS DANGEROUS, only use if you know what you're doing
//hollow - Hollows out the object contained within the selection
//overlay - Set a layer of block(s) on top of the selected region
//naturalize - Set the region to 3 layers of dirt on top and then stone below those 3 layers. Useful for filling holes in a natural way
//walls - Build the four sides of a selection
//faces - Build the walls, ceiling, and floor of a selection
//smooth - Smooth the elevation of a selection
//deform - Deform your current selection with an expression
//replace - Replace all the blocks (or selected blocks) in the region with another block
//stack - Stack the contents of a selection in any direction
//set - Set all the blocks within a region to a chosen block
//move - Move the contents of your current selection
/tool repl - Block replacer tool
/tool cycler - Block data cycler tool
/tool floodfill - Flood fill tool
/tool brush sphere - Sphere brush tool
/tool brush smooth - Smooth brush tool
/tool brush gravity - Gravity brush tool
/tool brush cylinder - Cylinder brush tool
/tool brush clipboard - Clipboard brush tool
/tool brush ex - Shortcut fire extinguisher brush
/tool deltree - Floating tree removal tool
/tool farwand - Wand at a distance tool
/tool lrbuild - Long-range building tool
/tool info - Block information tool
/tool tree - Tree generator tool
/tool none - Unbind a bound tool from your current item
/mat - Set the brush material
/size - Set the brush size
/mask - Set the brush mask
/range - Set the brush range
//fillr - Fill a hole recursively
//fixlava - Fix lava to be stationary
//fixwater - Fix water to be stationary
//removeabove - Remove blocks above you
//removebelow - Remove blocks below you
//removenear - Remove blocks near you
//replacenear - Replace blocks near you
/remove - Remove all entities of a type
//fill - Fill a hole
//drain - Drain a pool of water/lava

==== Boss ====

/rank (player) (group) - Sets the group of the provided player to what you specify in all the worlds
/rank (player) (group) (world) - Sets the group of the provided player to what you specify only in the world you specify
/rankoffline (player) (group) - Sets the group of the provided offline player to what you specify in all worlds
/rankoffline (player) (group) (world) - Sets the group of the provided offline player in a specific world
/rankinfo (player) (group) (world) - Shows the group(s) of the player that is specified
/bpermsrank - Displays commands and their usage for bPermsRank
/bpermsrank reload - Reloads the config.yml so you may manually change the settings while the server is running

Admin - Lets you create admin shops and create/destroy other people's shops

Give Others - Spawn items directly into player's inventories
Kit Others - Give kits directly to another player
/setspawn - Set the world's spawn-point
/time -l - Lock the current time
Playertime Others - Change others playertime directly
Spawnmob Many - Spawn more than 10 mobs at one time
Spawnmob All - Can spawn any mob, including entities
/thor - Be given Thor's hammer
Gamemode Other - Change another player's gamemode
Whois Ip - Check another player's ip address
Kick Override - Kick a player even if they are exempt from it
Ban Override - Ban a player even if they are exempt from it
/bans load - Read bans from disk
/bans save - Force save bans to disk
God Other - Give or remove god to another player

/money create - Create an account
/money remove - Remove an account
/money give - Give a user money
/money take - Take money from a user
/money set - Set a user's balance
/money status - Check a user's account status
/money purge - Purge all of the inactive accounts
/money empty - Drop the entire account database. DO NOT DO THIS Very Happy

mcMMO Admin - Access to mcMMO admin commands
mcMMO Tools - Access to mcMMO tool commands

/mvc - Create a new world and load it
/mvi - Import a pre-existing world and load it
/mvr - Realod Multiverse
/mvss - Set the spawn in a Multiverse World
/mvtp <player> - Teleport other players to a world directly
/mvunload - Unload a loaded Multiverse world
/mvremove - Unload and remove a Multiverse world from the config files
/mvdelete - Unload a world, remove it from the config files, AND delete it
/mvconfirm - Confirm a world deletion
/mvm - Modify any value for any world
/mv sleep - Takes you to the last bed you slept in (Unused)
/mvp create - Create a Multiverse Portal
/mvp list - List all Multiverse Portals
/mvp select - Select a Multiverse Portal so you can perform modifications on it
/mvp wand - Spawn the Multiverse Portal Wand
/mvp info - Get info on a Multiverse Portal
/mvp remove - Remove a Multiverse Portal
/mvp modify - Modify any value on a Multiverse Portal
/mvp debug - Enter the Multiverse Portal Debug Mode
/mvinv info - Displays information about a world or group using Multiverse Inventories
/mvinv import - Import data from Multi-inv or WorldInventories (Unused)
/mvinv list - List the Multiverse Inventories groups
/mvinv reload - Reload Multiverse Inventories

/ofc - Orebfuscator Commands

Playtime Tracker:
/playtime all - Check all the playtime ever acquired on the server
/playtiem top - Check the top 5 playtimes

//fast - Toggle fast mode
//limit - Modify block change limit
//gmask - Set the global mask
//clearhistory - Clear your history
/snapshot use - Choose the snapshot to use
/snapshot sel - Choose the snapshot based on the list ID
/snapshot list - List the available snapshots
/snapshot after - Choose the nearest snapshot after a date
/snapshot before - Choose the nearest snapshot before a date
/restore - Restore the selection from a snapshot

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