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1.0b Changelog Empty 1.0b Changelog

Post  cublikefoot on Fri Jun 08, 2012 7:29 pm

==== Bakoncraft Changelog ====
==== 1.0b ====

+ bPermissions Plugin
+ bChatManager Plugin
+ CommandBook Plugin
+ WorldEdit Plugin
+ Ranks: adept, apprentice, expert, and jr. mod
+ Assigned bChatManager permissions
+ Added all inheritance nodes in bPermissions
+ Made it so mods and up hear player's private messages, wether they want to or not
+ Added admin permission node for admins to have control over bPermissions
+ WorldGuard Plugin
+ Assigned WorldEdit permissions
+ Official Bakoncraft Forums
+ Assigned CommandBook permissions
+ Assigned WorldGuard permissions
+ Finished WorldGuard config files
+ Configured WorldGuard blacklists
+ Added iConomy
+ Assigned iConomy permissions
+ Added ChestShop
+ 10 nuts to make a ChestShop, 5 refunded when destroyed
+ Added LogBlock and LogBlock Questioner
+ Assigned LogBlock permissions
+ Added LWC
+ Assigned LWC Permissions
+ Added Playtime Tracker and MOCDBLib
+ Assigned Playtime Permissions
+ Added MyWarp
+ Assigned MyWarp Permissions
+ Added NoCheatPlus
+ Added Orebfuscator
+ Assigned NoCheatPlus Permissions
+ Added VanishNoPacket
+ Assigned VanishNoPacket Permissions
+ Added mcMMO
+ Assigned mcMMO permissions
+ Added Jobs
+ Added Vault
+ Assigned Jobs permissions
+ Added 13 jobs

* bChatManager message format, now "[prefix] name: message"
* bPermission groups. 11 normal ranks, 4 donor ranks, 5 staff ranks
* bPermission tracks. Now set to single track (instead of multi-track), meaning, when changing someone's group, not adding a group onto it, but changing it
* Changed rank "scrub" to "Peasant"
* Changed rank track. Veteran is now before legend, which makes more sense

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