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1.0.6b Changelog Empty 1.0.6b Changelog

Post  cublikefoot on Sat Jun 30, 2012 11:32 am

*Updated PlotMe version to 0.7
PlotMe Changes:

== Major changes ==

Added 2 protection groups per world.
ProtectedBlocks : Will prevent people from interacting with these blocks in plots they aren't allowed. Defaults :
54 Chest
61 Furnace
62 Burning Furnace
120 End Portal Frame
94 Repeater On
95 Repeater Off
84 Jukebox
25 Note Block
26 Bed
118 Cauldron
117 Brewing Stand
PreventedItems : Will prevent people from right-clicking while holding these items in plots they aren't allowed. Defaults :
351:15 Bonemeal
321 Painting
259 Flint and Steel
328 Minecraft
343 Minecart with Furnace
342 Minecart with Chest
333 Boat

== Minor changes ==

Fixed powering rails and redstone above and under roads. The physic event is no longer being listened. If this causes any issues please report this in a ticket with the process to reproduce the problem.

Fixed errors thrown when you didn't properly set your configurations and you tried to generate a world with Multiverse. The world will now properly generate with default values and throw a warning.

Removed debugging message when plots expiration is updated

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